Camelait Pure Camel Milk Powder


Benefits of Camel Milk

  • GENERAL WELL-BEING: The numerous nutrients in camel milk help promote our body natural defenses
  • ANTI-AGING: Alpha-hydroxyl acid that is present in camel milk help smooths fine lines
  • CANCER: Camel milk has anti-tumor properties
  • DIABETIC: The presence of high-level of insulin-like protein in camel milk (about 52 micro unit/ml) help reduce the effect of diabetes
  • LIVER DISEASE: Camel milk has antiviral properties that help reduce liver inflammation. The milk also have many nutrients that are required for healthy liver function
  • AUTISM: It is rich in immunoglobulin that will strengthen the body's autoimmune system. This will help treat and heal autism
  • THALASSEMIA: The curative properties of camel milk will protect our body from oxidative injury
  • ACNE & ECZEMA: The anti-microbial properties will act as natural cleanser
  • ARTHRITIC: The lactoferrin in camel milk will remove the free iron from joints of arthritic patients
  • TUBERCULOSIS: The antibacterial and antiviral is known to destroy the mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • AIDS: AIDS patients in Africa were fed with camel milk to help them recover
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